Living On A Shoestring...Common Sense Ways to Save Money

Living On A Shoestring...

(Common Sense Ways to Save Money)

written by Anna Florin

image of book, Living On A Shoestring

Common Sense... to some, it seems so obvious. But to the rest of us, we ask... how do they do it? How can 2 people, who earn the same wages, have such huge differences in the debt they owe? Would you like to know the secrets they know? Would you like to live a carefree life like they do?
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"90% of all divorces are caused by money problems," a local district judge told me. "If young people today would just learn how to manage their money, there wouldn't be all this strife".

Living frugally does not mean doing without. What it does mean is living within your means. If you spend less than you make, you'll have more spending power because you'll never need to pay interest. This could leave you with as much as 18-24% more "cash" in your pocket. And always save something for that "rainy day". You never know when your car will break down or when you'll be laid off. Plan ahead and play it safe... having "peace of mind" is priceless.

Living On A Shoestring would make a perfect gift for someone just starting off in life, such as a high school student or a young couple getting married. It would also make a wonderful guide for someone who's having difficulty in their financial life.

So... if you're ready to take charge of your spending habits right now ... and take charge of your life, purchase a copy of Living On A Shoestring . Remember... any great change begins with a single step.

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Anna Florin and her husband Mick (an electrician in the construction industry) have been "out of work" numerous times. Her suggestions on how to live frugally have all been personally tested in their own lives. "We're hoping we can help others out there with our deep understanding of how serious this matter really is. There is no 'fluff' in this book. All the suggestions are sensible, practical and can really help save you money."

"Insightful, wise and prudent."- Jon Huntsman, Jr.- Former Governor of Utah and 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate.
"Excellent. Worth reading."- Stan
"I read every word."- Marianne
"Very true and worthwhile."- George
"...a good choice for those in a position where money doesn't grow on trees." - Midwest Book Review

Book is 60 pages long and published through Featherwood Publishing .

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